• Leadership development
    for the health sector

    Founded in 2001 and led by Baroness Julia Cumberlege, Cumberlege Eden & Partners is a specialist consultancy to the health sector.  We work extensively with the NHS, but also with local government, the third sector, regulatory organisations and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Julia Cumberlege has a unique perspective on the health industry, based on her extensive and wide-ranging experience including being a councillor in three tiers of local government, as an NHS Chair and her long-standing involvement with charitable organisations. Having chaired a Health Authority and a London Region, Julia went on to serve five years as a Junior Health Minister in the House of Lords. She has brought together a high-quality and experienced group of Partners to work with Cumberlege Eden & Partners across the health sector.

    Our work focusses on four main areas…

  • Design and facilitation of
    political awareness programmes

    With Health and the NHS high on the current political agenda, there is an increasing desire and pressure to effectively influence local and national policies.  Our highly interactive programmes including “Politics, Power & Persuasion” and  the highly successful “Westminster Experience” aim to equip participants with the necessary tools and information to operate more effectively in navigating their way through what some see as a political minefield.

    All our sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of the client and we can design accordingly.  Constantly updating to ensure our courses are ‘up to the minute’ we work with a range of senior health professionals, managers and non-executive directors.

  • Organisational and personal development

    We work with a wide variety of organisations and top Boards, both in the NHS and private sector to help build effective teams.  We focus on improving contribution and joint working between executive and non-executive directors, on building teams, future planning and identifying the impact of national policy changes on local NHS organisations.


    Implicit in improving performance within organisations, appraisal is playing an ever-increasing role.   Appraisal can be a very positive experience, both for the individual and the organisation, but often can be reduced to a box-ticking exercise.  We design tailor-made, cost and time-effective appraisal systems focusing on key competencies, allowing individuals to identify and follow-up their development needs.

  • Reviews of fees and allowances

    Cumberlege Eden & Partners is developing a growing reputation for sensitive and sensible handling of this often complicated issue.  Our approach involves detailed information gathering, thorough benchmarking and meetings with the relevant individuals to ensure maximum contribution to and support for a new model.  We work with a highly experienced team, skilled in handling complex situations.

  • Nurses Appraisal Toolkit

    Bespoke Programmes and Board Development

    In addition to our Programmes that you can find on the website, we frequently design bespoke programmes for our clients. These can be short sessions or a series of programmes running over many months. We pride ourselves on working with clients to meet the needs of their participants and all our programmes are interactive and put ‘learning by doing’ at their heart.

    We have worked with Boards and senior teams across the NHS, local government and the third sector, helping them to work smarter, more effectively and to understand each other better. Do talk to us about how our experienced team could help make your Board more effective and productive.