What People Say About Us

Our three day bespoke course as part of the NHS Executive Fast track programme was absolutely outstanding. The brilliant design included current and former elected members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, senior civil servants and health and social care leaders. I will use lessons learned from this programme for years to come.

Dr Mary Black, NHS Fast track programme and Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust

Gained invaluable insight into the complexity of the individual, the healthcare teams and the political system. Impressively fast-paced and interactive introduction to how doctors can influence the political landscape to improve patient care.

Priya AgrawalST3/ACF Obstetrics and GynaecologySt Mary's Hospital

Despite working in a commissioning organisation, the explanation of NHS organisation and commissioning was fantastic. The second day was a very fun way of exploring our own styles of working under pressure – I was quite surprised by my own reaction and ways of working, and have learnt a great deal about myself.

Dr Nemonique SamGP & Clinical Lead High Quality CareNHS Hammersmith & Fulham

A truly interactive course that is of the highest quality and exceptionally well run. I should imagine that everyone learnt something about themselves, the team around them and the entire system they work in.

Colin BicknellVascular SurgeryImperial College

I feel like I have a month’s worth of teaching in just 2 days….The best training course I think I have ever had the pleasure of attending…The most useful and enlightening management course I have ever been on.

Tom BurchellSpR CardiologyThe London Chest

There is no doubt that the Power, Politics and Persuasion course has improved my team-working and leadership skills and it was great fun. I’ve learnt a huge amount about the workings of the NHS, and commissioning in particular. I have learnt about myself and the way I relate to other people when working in a team. And through the role play, I have practised negotiation, media relations and decision-making in a high pressure environment.

Robert EliasSpR Renal MedicineSt George's Hospital, London

An amazing course that gave me great insight into what leadership in the NHS really means. The high quality and detail of the feedback to both us as a group and individually was hugely impressive, and helped make it the most brilliant learning experience.

Bob KlaberPaediatric SpR + Fellow in Management and Leadership in EducationWhittington NHS Trust + London Specialty School of Paediatrics

Superb, challenging and excellent feedback. It was up-to-date and real and made all the difference in being able to believe in the content.

Dr Justin WhatlingChief Clinical OfficerBT Health

An excellent day. It was a privilege to have access to such a high profile cohort of politicians; the whole thing was an eye-opener.

Dr Sue WardHead of SchoolSherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

I have understood the gap between how people in the NHS / business think and how politicians think much more clearly, and why rational thought and evidence doesn’t always carry the day. I have gained important insight into how politicians think and how political life is conducted which will enable me to influence on behalf of my organisation more effectively.

Dr Vivienne McVeyCommercial DirectorVirgin Care